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October Special; Lightwork

What is lightwork?

Lightwork is a form of gentle hands on healing. It is similar to, but very different from reiki. While reiki focuses on a specific set of hand positions, Lightwork focuses on the Wheel of Life and angelic realms. These teachings were passed down to us from Angel Sylvia/Raphael.

As humanity evolves, the ascension and transmutation process from third to fourth and fifth dimensions can be challenging. These can be physical flu like symptoms, headaches, chest pains, blurry vision, or poor hearing. *Please see a trusted doctor for diagnosis. It can create symptoms that nine out of 10 doctors will not find any cause for and likely tell you it is stress related. It is very real. Your reference points may shift. Empathy, telepathy, and clairvoyance increases, lucid dreaming, along with a variety of other sensations. At this point, there is an awakening of the awareness of our patterns of behavior. We begin the process of sorting who we are and it starts to shift to become more about the “We”.

The lightbody is an energy field that surrounds each individual in dimensions closer to the causal realm. All life continually communicates at this level. Lightwork enhances the balance and harmony of this interaction. Energy work promotes healing by encouraging the release of stuck energy or patterns that are no longer serving our mental, emotional, and physical bodies as well as nourishing areas of depletion.

Lightwork’s Wheel of Life has eight parts. These go from our root chakra, security, conception, and life force, to our trans-personal chakra, nurturing, integration, and transformation. Each piece of this wheel or pie focuses on body parts, systems, and stages of life. These are designed to bring you through acceptance to action and make space to reveal your life’s purpose.

Each piece of the pie has its own hands on positions along with an auric balance and integration. They can be done separately or out of order depending on what you are working on. If you would like to go through them all in order, it works best if each session is done approximately one week apart.

Lightwork can also provide added protection, chord removal, and etheric crystal removal. Essential oil and flower essence therapies are included. It can be helpful for acute and chronic conditions and can be used in conjunction with western medicine.

For more information or to experience this for yourself, please contact me and sign up today for your monthly tithing session!

Be well,


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