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November Special; Clearing

Hello, Friends!

I’m a little late on my monthly education and tithing offering. I recently started a new part time job painting and apprenticeship!

We are in the direction of the fall going into the winter months here in New England and on the Northern Woodlands Medicine Wheel. These are the times when we go within, to the comfort of our home and family, and into a time of death and soul shifting transition.

For the next few months, I’d like to offer some shamanic techniques to help us through these times. This will look like clearing, pattern release, extraction, and power animal/soul retrieval. I do recommend they are done in this order.

November’s focus will be on clearing. I will highlight ways that we can take care of ourselves in the winter months along with Bones and Rue, and Limpia techniques. We can release physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages with both.

Bones and Rue act as clearing and protecting tools. They can help us detect and clear multiple layers of energy that is not ours to hold.

Limpia is a Deep Clearing bath. This uses candles, fertile eggs, and carnations. These act as diagnostic tools. They help us bring issues to the surface, absorb them, and offer blessings going forward.

Please contact me if this sparks an interest or have any questions and look for more descriptions and offerings in the months to come!



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