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January Special; Extraction

Hello, Friends and Happy New Year! ✨

We usually have a fire on New Years Eve. It has taken many different shapes over the years, but symbolizes letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. This year it was raining, so we chose to stay inside by the wood stove, have some good food, and watch a show! This video is from last year and too good not to share again!

Yes, that is a visitor, spirit, ancestor. My goal, again this year, is to dive deeper into working with them. To create healing for myself, them, the land, and my community.

Last month I focused on pattern release. This month, I’m focusing on extraction. Extraction is very powerful energetic, or psychic surgery, work. It is used to release any kind of physical issue that won’t heal or letting go of a relationship, person, place, or thing. It can show results immediately or be a bit of a commitment depending on the circumstance. When we are consistent about retraining a stream of energy, it has a better chance of establishing.

Also, in this time of the north, winter, dark, death, going within, and transition, I’m realizing I’m overextended. I’m exhausted. I’ll soon be changing my office hours, hopefully opening it up more to you, and adjusting my prices accordingly. Please refer to my fb page or website for those and contact me to schedule an appointment!


Wishing you all a year of happiness, health, and dreams coming true!

#healingarts #energywork #shamanism #extraction #happynewyear

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