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February Special; Soul Retrieval

Hello, Friends!

I’ve had a handful of soul retrievals come up within the past couple of weeks. How synchronistic with my education timeframe and time of year.

This is one of the most important techniques in shamanism. Everyone needs one. Most people are missing multiple pieces.

All imbalance is caused by soul loss and intrusive energies. If you are full of your own soul, there is no room for other energies.

In psychology we call it disassociation. In shamanism we call it fragmentation. This is where a piece of the soul leaves during trauma of any type.

Symptoms can vary. There can be a persistent feeling of confusion, being unfocused, forgetful, or disconnected. One can have low energy, high stress, and loose chunks of time. It can feel like you are beside yourself or part of you is missing.

There is some preparation needed for this. A strong support system is required.

If this speaks to you or you have any questions, please reach out! Best,


#shamanism #soulretrieval

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