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December Special; Pattern Release

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hi, Friends!

I’m a weee bit late on this month’s education and tithing. I feel bad about this and want to explain before I carry forward.

First; This next holiday always gets me. It has for years. It feels, among other things, that it’s mostly obligatory, consumeristic, and wasteful not honoring the true meaning. What does that real or true meaning even look like? Next, we are told to purge. Where is the balance? I’ve honestly been struggling trying to find a way to be with this that feels authentic and wholehearted to me. That’s another post!

Second; I’ve realized that, while I love the idea of tithing, most people I see come in with their own very individual needs. The blanket to pay it forward to the community doesn’t seem to work.

Third; I’d still like to use this time to educate you on all of the techniques I offer!

This month is Shamanic Pattern Release. How appropriate to what I, and so many other people, are experiencing now.

Patterns are belief systems we are trapped in. Our ways of seeing the world. Ways in which we extract ourselves from love and compassion. Freedom from this lies in our true belief or understanding, not what others have put on us.

Pattern release is used for any kind of “stuckness”. Relationships that we want to let go. Addiction, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. Chronic physical issues, cancer, soul contacts, family or genetic illness’s, the list goes on.

I offer both North and South American techniques with the drum and tapping stones. They are both very effective and intriguing ways to detox. Everyone seems to love them!

I would love to see you!

Best of wishes,


#shamanism #patternrelease #healingarts

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